New rig

I have been thinking about building a new rig for chrunching and gaming. Ant sugestions for what bits i should get?

if you can afford an i7 then that’s the way to go I think. Not got one myself, yet, but that’s what I’m looking at for next.


WOW big money …I would look at AMD Phenom™ II X4 much cheaper, and if you go ATI VIDEO you get GPU the work in most distro projects…just my two cents…but hey I’m cheap…DT also you can save the cash for PINTS…LOL!

you can pickup an i7 based Dell for a little over £700 :slight_smile:


You can build an i7 for decent money as well.

i7 920
Intel Smackover mobo
3x1GB Corsair XMS
150GB Raptor
GTX 260/270 depending on what you want
Samsung 2333SW or bigger, they are the best value for money currently down my neck of the woods

PSU and chassis of your own choice

Or the Phenom II 940 or 955
2x2GB 1066 dominators or Mushkin
Asus M3N-HT mobo
Gotta have decent cooling so the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme is a good option.

I guess it all depends on the dollah you want spend spend;)

Thanks for the input, just sent through the cost of an I7 back home, it fame a grand total of 2000£.
So i guess ill have to wait 'till after the wedding

That sounds horribly high to me.

Only the best bits for me :wink: