New sig

Hi its just to ask people opinions on the new signetures i made for myself and helen,
like are they too big?
catch the eye too much so you cant see what your reading ect…

thats helens and mine is where its supposed to be
/me points down…

They are on the large size but other than that…good :slight_smile:

Very nice Andy. I would say they are a little on the large side too and I would increase the text size when you do resize them, so they stand out more. Otherwise I like them. I love the corner lighting effect. I used the same illumination effect in Paint Shop Pro 7 for one of my former sigs.

I’d agree that they seem slightly oversize

cough :devil: I must stop seeing these “double meaning” posts :lol:

width is OK, but a little too high for my likings personally. Content is lacking something for such a big image, it kind of looks lost of such a large canvas and in my view is not defined enough.

Maybe will look beter on the smaller canvas, personally I think there is a reason the affiliate images are the sizes they are, they look good at those ratios in my opinion, and remember, those are defined by people paid a lot to make images look good.


Oky doke,
Ill do a resize :),
@Droid… i used paint shop 7 for those :slight_smile:

There thats better :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks better that size.

@ Andy… PSP7 is a wonderful proggy and has many of the features of Adobe, but at a fraction of the price. Excellent!!

i did have PSP8 but i uninstalled it and the disk was currupt :(,
so i downgraded to psp7… but i must say PSP8 its far better than 7,
the picture tubes have more options and also more fonts to choose from… also the picture enhancemnts are also better.

The Gimp is also very good :wink:

And IRFanviewer is amazing for changing pic sizes

Ive tried to use those…but i cannot figure them out.
so i just stick with what i know its easier :stuck_out_tongue: