New speed reduction methods

If you saw these in the road would you slow down???

I know I would…

And then I would run this “nice man” over for making me slow down for nothing. :smiley:


Or swerve ?

Are the made by Acme :chuckle:

meep-meep! Straight through, no worries :slight_smile:

It looks like a photoshop to me.

Maybe they will be listed on here
Thats a genuine site.

I have a 4x4, so potholes are nothing to me… and neither is that guy’s car if I find him placing those on my road… :furious:

am i the only one who thinks that this could actually work? instead of sleeping police men, which actually can damage your car, these would still make you slow down (the first time) with out any impact on your motor!

It’d probably cause an accident the first time, and get ignored the second… though I’d imagine there would be a lawsuit after the first time :p.

Don’t need those images around here anyway, enough real potholes as it is!