News delayed, stats not updated...

Sorry peeps:realmad:

The news will have to wait until I get home now, provided it’s updated by then:shrug:

On the up side, I suppose we get to revel in the stomping of the Possums for longer though:thumbsup:

No worries Bob, new projects always have these sort of problems. (and older ones like borkley :wink: )

I hope we will be able to get live data soon like what setiTeam does for Seti.

Would be good if some progy wiz could do something like a seti queue type app as well. I think we would get more peeps if you did not have to connect to the internet every 20-30mins.

Stats have updated at 4pm.

Estimate that news should be available 6pm-6.30pm, traffic willing:(

Look forward to the report :slight_smile:

And again today…:confused:

And they didn’t update last night either:confused:

Have left a msg of sorts over at Lifemapper.

Me wonders if it is a manual thing at Lifemapper itself:shrug:

No worries Bob-A-Job you’ve done a smashing job so far
have a day off for all ya hard work :slight_smile:

Still no stats!

I will have to try and be a little cleverer in my calcs tomorrow as all the stats are going to be well out of line…

Assuming that there is an update tomorrow:eek: :shrug:

So, I propose to keep the team stats the same but halve the daily production figure, putting one half into what should have been todays and the other half into what should have been tomorrows…:chin:

This should keep the Daily Dons and the Performers stats somewhere in line…:shrug:

I will of course miss any individual stomps that might have happened today but there is nothing I can do about that I am afraid.

Unless anybody has a better idea?

Not looking good so far today and for the project in general imo.

No response to the several messages over at Lifemapper about how important regular updates are to teams and individuals in terms of continued support of the project and commitment to it.

Site has not updated since 9.09am 05/07/2003.:realmad:

I will keep a watch out for updates but will probably convert my machine back to running Seti full-time until then. And just after I got Lifemapper to work with two instances:(

If anybody spots that is has updated before I do, feel free to drop me a PM or post it here.

Bob, I think you might want to look at your ISP as part of the problem - stats have updated at least 3 times since then and currently showing as 7/7/2003 9:00:44 AM UTC for me…

I’ll PM or mail the page to you if you want…

Group stats haven’t updated but individual stats have.
So you both are right :slight_smile:

Can you not pull the HTML stats just for our team?

They are up-todate just the all teams page has not

If I had the time and more knowledge of php i’d mod
the script for my php counter to write out a CSV file
from the html stats and run it as a cron job say twice daily.

Could be an issue with your browsers caching? since they
are sub page links…

See if just entering…

Works if not do a Ctrl F5 or Alt F5 forget which does the
forced refresh.


So they pulled that old chessnut again.:bondage:

And nobody thought to tell me?:Poke:

Well, it is the end of Lunch for me now so the News will have to wait until I get home as I will have a fair bit of mucking about to do to try and make some sense of them again (Or might just go for a really cut down version:shrug: ).

Look for something around 5pm to 6pm (going home early today after the weekend I had:realmad:

And remember Bob… if you don’t do the news for a day or two it’s no big deal. I think it’s fair to say that all of us here really appreciate what you do and if you don’t have time or the stats are not cooperating then we understand.

Again, :cheers: to you and all you do! :wink:

With the current DB admin and maint that is going on, I don’t suppose anybody is too surprised that the stats have not updated today, so far:shrug: