News from Rosetta - winners announced

Continuing their promising level of communication with their users, Rosetta@home (link to our team) have posted results from their current test run, showing distances of predicted structures from the test structure and announcing the first two “winners”:

Periodically we will be specially acknowledging the winners of our protein folding “lottery”. The first winner is the person who found the lowest energy structure thus far. The second winner is the person who found the structure closest to the actual structure. The lucky winners and their results are…

These users will also have a chance to be acknowledged in scientific publications. We will continue to post “winners” and their results as the project progresses.

I now believe this to be the best BOINC project out there. IMHO it’s as good as folding’s communication and involvement and the best science and it runs on BOINC.

Keep up the good work Rosetta!

I agree, it’s a wonderful project to be involved in :nod: