**NEWSFLASH** DT Drops out of the premier **NEWSFLASH**


:eek: what, where, how… that must have been a shock to you DT. I’m really surprised we didn’t hear about it somewhere else on the forum first.

Cheers :smiley:


Only division 1 now?!


Giving someone else a chance?

I hate you lot sometimes :cry: :cry: :cry:


This is thread is why you wanted the news back, otherwise you wouldn’t have noticed the drop :lol:

did I forget to mention that the Jugster is a mere 129 days away from being stomped in Folding :smiley: :stomp:


clutching at straws :smiley:

If DT was actually crunching SETI Boinc, I would have more sympathy for him. :nod:

I can’t believe it…how could this have happened?


damn validator thingy :flip:


can only be slacking no way 2 1700 xp should booted him out lol there not even overclocked lol

Insult to injury… :Oh-hum:


:thumbsup: Steve
:stomp: :stomp: :stomp:
:cheers: :sarcwave: is it time to :glug: yet? (clock says xxxxday)
oh well Cheers! to all!
No offense DT, just looking for an excuse to be :wasted: :smiley: