Next month

The folding contest is going well this month… we are on our way to a nice victory. What shall we do next month??

Malaria Control came up in a poll I ran last month as a possibility… is everyone interested in that still? Are there any other teams we could challenge?

Your thoughts pls!

:spammed: throw this one into the pot - Rosetta Stattomatic is up for daily reports :smiley:



TPR is up and running on MalariaControl, but account creation was closed once again soon after we started, so it will be difficult for the team to push hard.

I can go that way if needed, but it could be very one-sided :wink:

So Rosetta then?! Very well :wink:

SIMAP also has the stats up now :wink:

Oh boy… :slight_smile:

I’ll just let this sort itself out… i’m up for anything :wink:

Excellent job DT :slight_smile:


So, has there been any decision on what next?

I have some machines available to switch back to from tonight…

well you’ve just been stomped in Seti and Folding in the last few days :Poke:


Oh, I’ll let TFW enjoy his free run on FAH for a wee while longer. Then, just when he thinks he’s safely over the horizon…well you get the idea :moon:

So, perhaps its time to go sifting through some white noise for a while?

I’m game for Rosetta or SETI… perhaps Rosetta since I only have around 200pts in it :slight_smile:

that is right

the green Planet is going over to Warp Speed :slight_smile:

and here, a Race against

Greetings from Germany
Sir Ulli

How bout QMC, nice project that we havent really crunched

Looks like this month people are going to crunch what they like. I’m taking the time to do some SETI and Rosetta.