Next Months gauntlet (@Sir Ulli)

It would seem that Planet3DNow! and TPR have similiar RAC in Seti, and are not that far off each other in total points once we get some of our slackers back with the bungeeeeeeee

So once we have our SIMAP and Folding races ended and WON :smiley: Who fancies a SETI challenge to Planet3DNow! ?

They are 2million in front of us, and a few thousand RAC higher, we could make it involve TeAm AnandTech as well as they are pretty close.

Position races are normally easier for all to see the status, could be as simple as one month crunching, who has the highest position ?

Take a look at the stats, let me know what you think :smiley:


that would be nice, back to the FUN

i think that is a great Idea in times like this,

i have also asked the Team Anandtech for this

and at our Planet

hope the fun is going back to Seti…

i always love the Race here at TPR

Sir Ulli

:cheers: Sir Ulli

Get ready to start your engines boys and gals of TPR Seti :smiley: We can take them :driving: :stomp: :smiley:


I plan to keep folding… not a big boinc fan… and the v6 folding client should be out shortly as well.

Will be glad to ease the numbers back to SETI… just give me a heads up when we start! :rocker:

i should/hopfully have 400 machines running SETI in about 1-2 months time…

i’l let u know closer to the school holiday :). when the kids are away, the admins will play :slight_smile:
that shuold give us an advantage :slight_smile:
[fingers crossed]

That’s fine, the intention is not necessarily to :Pimp: from people running other projects, just to add life to each project as much as possible with challenges. Just look at how the output has risen in Folding :thumbsup:

Races only form positive results :deal: :agree:


Count me in… i always love a good seti race :slight_smile:

Indeed. And by all means go ahead. I have a history with fah and am doing beta work for them so I have to keep my machines folding for the time being. Perhaps if I get these 2 new computers today, i’ll set one up to do seti if the race begins.

for Info

Sir Ulli

this is your time, how we organise this

for all Teams…

17 Planet 3DNow!
18 Phoenix Rising
19 TeAm AnandTech

reagards from Germany
Sir Ulli

sir Ulli

Woot!! A SETI race! :thumbsup:
Perhaps it’s time I spent more effort getting one of my slacking crunchers back online…

@DT: The “TPR DC Racing” announcement thread needs to be updated to reflect the new races ongoing… :Poke:

so people know what to crunch! :crash:

I thought Canada was behind GMT, appears they may be a few days in front :lol: :Poke:

Who’s been over poking the others in the race then ? I’m rather busy work wise at the moment - stupid RL getting in the way :mad:


So then - off we go, Planet 3DNow! have a headstart of fair amount, so rather than the original “lets stomp you” race plan, snapshot race total starts of

Planet 3DNow! 31,084,220 credits and 1857 members
Phoenix Rising 29,753,413 credits and 826 members
TeAm AnandTech 28,266,934 credits and 3426 member

Simple race strategy - get those crunchers going, who can crunch the most credits in a month. :smiley:


so lets start the Engines:D

Sir Ulli

Race-stats, day 1:
#______today______total______Average_______Team Name
1______56.295_____56.295_____56.295______TeAm AnandTech
2______40.218_____40.218_____40.218______Phoenix Rising
3______24.802_____24.802_____24.802______Planet 3DNow!

These are the stats after the 1st. day of crunching, I’ll be posting the Race-stats in the daily seti-team-stats at the Anandtech-forums, and if desired can also post them here.

Note, I’ve used one of the BOINC stats-sites to get the start-stats and the current stats from, and calculated today, total and average. Since the start-stats mentioned earlier in this thread apparently was grabbed directly from SETI@home’s top-team-table, they’ll different from my stats, but some hours difference in when stats was generated shouldn’t really matter after the month is out…

Hi, welcome Rattledagger to the Forums, nice that you are here

regards from Germany
Sir Ulli

great stuff Rattledagger - if you have the time then you are more than welcome to be the statto for the race :slight_smile:

Thanks for dropping over and posting your stats :thumbsup:

Link to stats


Race-stats, day 2:
#_____today______total__________Average________Behind____Team Name
(-4.354)00.000____TeAm AnandTech
(408)22.630____Phoenix Rising
(398)____53.483____Planet 3DNow!

Have added increase/decrease to Average production since yesterday, and also “Behind”, how much to catch #1.

TeAm AnandTech continues at #1, but have a marked drop of 8.708 today. Phoenix Rising increases 816, while Planet 3DNow with 795.
It’s still early, so no-one should be comfortable with their current production.