Noisy neighbours

What are my rights against them?
as yo can tell byt the time of this thread its happening now.
the people upstairs are argueing (As allways) and smahing stuff up.
its wonder thay have anything left to smash up TBH like i said this happens on a regular basis.
they woke holly and jack was in and out of sleep.
and i am now wide awake.
if i call the police they will come and tell them to be quiet ect. then it will happen again and again and again like always.
its becomming a real pain.
they seem to have calmed down now id better try and get some sleep before holly wakes up again.

Sounds like they need counciling.

Contact the council about it Andy. They should send someone from enviromental health to measure the noise.

if its happening after 9pm you can get an asbo on them, we were warned about Anti social behaviour when we got our keys last week so we have all the stuff on it if you want drop us a lineā€¦

Its getting really beyond a joke with all this arguing and smashing things up. sometimes its every night i dont mind ppl arguing me and andy have our fair share of arguments (who doesnt) but its never in frount of the kids but this is going too far. sometimes they even argue out in the close their windows are wide open coz she likes everyone to hear it making out he is the bad one when it is her she is the one that causes it she is the one that batters him and makes it out that he is the one that hits.
andy found this out one day they were in the close arguing andy had had enough and he wasnt even near her and she is screeming dont touch me just so ppl think its him. andy has witnessded her hitting him the whole street can here this and its getting anoying now the arguing last nite i went to bed early coz i was shattered i heard it but fell back asleep andy cant sleep when this all goes on.

We are just stuck with this arguing all the time. its when they wake the kids up with it and trying to get them settled again is the bit that anoys me.

No one will phone the police or anything coz round here that could cause more problems for us the sooner we are out of here the better coz ive had enough of it and waite and see they will be all lovey dovey today and then tonight god knows if it will be the same again no body should have to live like this.