Not good

Just read about this over on DD - :mad:

Have to say I’m in 2 minds about continuing with D2OL now, especially as Charles knew about it 18 months ago and basically hasn’t done anything about it :mad:

I was wondering what is TPR’s view on the news that one or more members of Dutch Power Cows have admitted to cheating by resubmitting results. This was made possible due to a loophole at D2OL servers.
If your not aware of this then FreeDC have a thread were admissions have been made
TBH this has left a bad taste in my mouth and wreaks of the cheating over at SETI some time ago. It may also have a knock on effect with the Digi Darkroom team as we have already had one member turn D2OL off :frowning:
Your views are welcome.

Hids just posted about it on here myself:wave:

Great minds etc etc;)

But your quite right it’s left me in two minds also:mad:

Viola, and a merger was born :wink:


I can’t see the point. What the hell are you gonna achieve a} for yourself, when you know you’re cheating and b) for the project itself. Neither way has any benefit.

Crazy. I’ve only got one CPU and I’m proud of the fact that I can help various projects with only my small contribution and I have the satisfaction that I can sleep easy at night, knowing that it is legitimate crunching.

My tuppence (as if;)) - cheating has happened - those who cheat can have the extra points as far as I am concerned. It happened in Seti, and eventually they flushed out a load of double unit pushers. Now the new D2OL developer may spot a way to flush them, even though Charles has said it can’t be done.

Simply put, remember the goals here, stats are one thing that pushes competition, BUT your machine is the one doing the work, if you don’t cheat then it’s not a problem is it. Your machine is helping the cause YOU chose before all these events happened. Cheating from what I understand of reporting duplicate results in D2OL may actually hurt the science stats if not filtered. I would not be worried about the stats as most are it would seem, but the validity of the project science. I note no-one has actually asked that question of D2OL admin yet. For me that’s the first thing that comes to mind - is the project hurt by the cheats? For them not to do something about this for such a long time with a “known” bug, I would say if they answer “yes”, I would expect all D2OL contributors to seriously think about the time you have donated to the cause, that could be scientifically flawed by design.

Cheats - yeah, old news. But if no safety net is in place for the science, then that provokes some serious validity issues with the science of the project.


Good post DT thanks for replying.

I note no-one has actually asked that question of D2OL admin yet

I’ll be happy to post over at TSC and D2OL Forums do you object to me using some of your observations you have posted?


No objection at all :smiley:

I really would hate to see the fun removed that stats create, and I have to say I am very worried about the answers that may come back. If there has been no advancement in science results if I had crunched excessive amounts then I would feel cheated. :xfinger: that the answers are the right ones for the future of the project :xfinger:


It appears my adversary MAOJC has beaten me to it :wave: :moon: :smiley:

I’ll append my thoughts to his.


Hear hear! Well said! Agree totally as I’m in the same situation:)

I have to agree, if the science is in question then the admins have a duty to figure out a way to make it stop. This is research about the diseses of man and these idiots are cheating! :realmad:

Now I like my stats as much as the next guy but lets make the science right for sure. And then lets fix the stats if possible,

I’m with MAOJC on this one, lets hope Charles/admin can sort it out and the science is not wasted/corrupted or whatever.


I will still :stomp: you soon enough! :stomp: :moon: :stomp: :moon: Words well said there!

Good post DT. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment re decent people vis-à-vis the cheating wankers. The science is more important than the stats and conscientious crunchers can rise above the cheats and continue their efforts in most cases.

What concerns me, as I understand it, is that the people behind D2OL have not only known about this flaw for 18 months but have chosen to do nothing about it. If this is anywhere near true then it is disgraceful and unacceptable.

TBH as i have said to gandolf, sad cheaters like that just make me feel better about the good hounest contribution i have and continue to make. :slight_smile: Yeah sure it makes me angry but … then so does “home and away” not to mention “eastenders”

At the end of the day there is no excuse, how badly have we wanted some extra units so we can stomp you ! like F#@! would any of us stoop that low. If i ever thought one of our own team was cheating THEN it would be time for me to move on & only then, so no worries lets crunch the good crunch and continue the good fight :wink:

o.k now you have lost me ? None of your team have been cheating, it was DPC ?

I know and I don’t know whats going on over there, who has stopped and who is talking about stopping.

After reading that thread fully i change my mind i can’t say i blame them as there is nothing to stop people doing this in the future !

Not a peep, sadens me for sure.
here is my latest input to the D2OL forum:

Well as long as I get a response from someone in charge it will be OK. I am sorry, but if they confirm that cheating is rampant, and the science is in jepardy then it will be so long from me.

I don’t fancy wasting my hard earned money for hardware, electric bills, network connection to support a DC project that allows such blatant cheating to go on. This is one of the reasons I left Seti. Seems Folding might have to be my alternate choice.

I just feel sick about this but if the Admins here have known about this “loophole” for 18 months, what does that say about D2OL. It should be shame on them for allowing it to continue while the rest of us try and do good work.

PS. if this is confirmed and I suspect it will be from the evidence that is out there, then I would recommend TPR shutdown our participation in D2OL till they strainghten the issue out .

I’ve already stopped running it on lappy and Barry has stopped running it for me on his pc.