Not tried Firefox ?

With a wide open remote execution flaw in IE you might want to give firefox a go as soon as possible.

In fact, why not download it now before you get hacked.
Once an exploit has been listed on the web its a matter of time before google serves you up a link to a hostile page !

teh lol…already anavid firefox user…the only reason ie ever opens is when I read my mail thru msn…and windows updates…other than that never gets run :slight_smile: :wink:

nice find tho :wink:

Binlala - Download trillian and then it will open you hotmail in a firefox windows :wink:

FireFox is not a bettter bowser, it’s just a diffrent browser.

Do you want the BEST?? Get Opera :smiley:

Opera is now ad free is it not?

I’ll re try it.:slight_smile:

EDIT: It might cure the random and inexplainable timeouts etc… :frowning:

Yes it is - here is the press release. I’m surprised more was not made of this, as I had not seen anything about it at the time. Also, there is no mention of “now ad-free” that I can see on the opera home page itself. The download link immediately starts to download the software without any opportunity to review the conditions first. I will also give it a try. The last time I looked at it, I found it very idiosyncratic and not work the bother, but it will be useful to be able to confirm interoperability of pages if nothing else. They also have native SVG support which could be very good indeed.

See my new topic :wink:

well impressed…

Thanks for the heads up TW. I’m Firefox all the way but enjoyed this bit at the bottom of the article :smiley:

It doesn’t work on Firefox browsers and some pundits are suggesting moving over to the open sauce browser until IE is fixed.

So just be careful how you shake it before use folks.

IE appears to resemble brown sauce I think

no it doesnt.

brown sauce is excellent on chips…

can you use things like msn plus with trillian or is that a nogo…?

I use plus because I can select a few contact that I want to be displayed on desktop… so I can see if there on or not…:lol:

msn plus is a no go, but you can drag contacts onto your desktop with trillian its a native function :wink:

I might try it then…Im going to try msn8beta first tho :wink:

msn 8 beta, so instead of using a stable well written light bit of software your gonna install a bug ridden bit of bloatware… if you ask me thats crazy :stuck_out_tongue: