Now it really is dead

SETI 1, classic, s@h, call it what you like

Any classic installations should now be stopped they have no relevance

Anyone know when they will finally tie up the stats with Boinc and I can change my email address to something that I can actually receive.

Even the Statomatic has frozen up totally:

Team PR Summary - Sunday, 04 Dec 2005 18:00
Summary Period 	27 Nov 2005 18:00 - 04 Dec 2005 18:00
Member Total 	713 Productive, 35 Unproductive
Team Total 	5383436 WU's
Member Avg 	7550.40 WU's/productive member
Period Total 	4987 WU's
Member Avg for Period 	6.99 WU's/productive member
24 hour Total 	[B]0 WU's[/B]
Work Unit Return Activity 	Use tooltip for date of last work unit return, if known
During previous 3 days 	81 member(s)
Between 4 and 7 days 	6 member(s)
Between 8 and 21 days 	27 member(s)
More than 21 days 	634 member(s)

No work units at all since that date and none ever more will be. Anyone able to let Milhouse know that the stat-o-matic is now dead and if anything can be done to change it over to BOINC?

Millhouse is harder to get hold of then Lord Lucan :wink:

seriously though would be a good idea if it can be done.