Now this is a cool site

Not click unless your on Broadband or like a long wait…

Wish more website were like this :slight_smile:

That, my friend, is what the internet will all be like in future :slight_smile:

Quite neat interface, don’t have the time to look around it though :frowning:

very very nice … that looks the business


Broadband AND a long wait - but worth it!

Thats a really cool site :thumbsup:

WoW that is good :slight_smile:

Who’s gonna tell Rids that he has to make our website look that cool :slight_smile:

Now that is a class website!

That is awsome. I can’t even guess how long something like that would take to create.… its just changed design :slight_smile:

bb highly recommended :wink:

OMFG now that is an impressive web site :eek:

my html and java script knowledge seem to be lagging behind the times :frowning: