NTLDR missing?

this new build i have been struggling to weeks over now has finally spat me something to work on…

this message appears at boot…

NTLDR is missing, please press ctrl + alt + del to reboot

any ideas folks? i know the maxtor drive is okay as i just had it running in my main rig. :confused:

I had that on a work rig once, i just copied it from the install cd using a bootfloppy.

if its xp run the repair off the install disc…

thanx guys… off to try it :smiley:

another quick fix for this if you have another machine with the os is to, copy the file to a blank floppy, boot the machine with the disc in, it should find the file from there. once booted into windows you can then copy the file from floppy to the root of the boot drive.

saves time messing around in the recovery console