In the modern world, one of our biggest concerns is the threat of terrorism, but are you aware there is more risk in importing other nations’ nuclear waste in order to reprocess it?

Waste, terrorism, risks and our future; these are the key themes explored in the latest exhibition at Birmingham’s Thinktank until February 27.

If you are concerned or even unaware of how the UK deals with nuclear waste then this exhibition from the nuclear industry will enlighten you.

Located in the atrium of the museum at Millennium Point, the exhibition is a quick and easy guide through the issues surrounding nuclear waste via a series of touch screens.

The onscreen presentations offer a chance to get better acquainted with the issues of where nuclear waste comes from, what is being done with it and what will happen to it – from a safe distance.

The display shows how we have the capability to reprocess waste with less risks; such as at the Sellafield plant where used nuclear fuel is reprocessed to take out the plutonium and uranium to make new fuel.

The interactive aspect of the exhibition also offers a feedback mechanism allowing visitors to air their own views and thoughts about nuclear power.

With the potential effect the legacy of nuclear waste will have on all our futures, this seems a key feature.

The exhibition was developed by the Science Museum in London and funded by Sellafield with the aim of making people more aware of potential risks about what is being done and what can be done in the future.

A spokesperson for Thinktank explained “science has an impact on our lives”. This exhibition will enable you to find out how and why, as well as allowing you to have your own say.


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