Nuts..the farm took another hit :(

Well, looks like a power surge took out a dual-core machine that was also part of my folding farm :frowning: Murphy’s law, of course, is that the IT guy left for his vacation yesterday, so it’ll be a couple weeks before that one is up and running again :frowning:

I suspect I’ll be sitting somewhere near the 1k/d mark for the next while :frowning:

Thats what they call sods law :wink:


It’s actually a corollary to Murphy’s Law:

“The probability of a problem manifesting itself is inversely proportional to the proximity of the technician who can fix it.”


Hehehe…well…I’m not giving up yet. Still, it’s a PITA.

On the positive side, the Atom processor in the netbook isn’t a heavy hitter, but it still puts out :wink: