Odd printer installation issue

I had this once before, but I thought it was due to a flakey windows xp installation… seems it was not. Completely different system, fresh windows installation, same issue.

I am attempting to install an HP Photosmart 7150 with the latest available driver. It likes to have the printer plugged in half way through the installation, recognise the printer, and carry on.
Problem is, it’s not seeing the printer… windows seems to be installing it in the background, completely unknown to the HP software. Now, the printer works fine, BUT I get 3 different objects under device manager for the printer… most unsightly! I also can’t use the supplied HP software with the printer in it’s current state because it doesn’t recognise it.

Items I get in Device Manager:
Dot4 HPH11
Dot4Print HPH11
Dot4Usb HPH11

Device Manager also keeps refreshing itself, suggesting it’s doing something. It does this for hours though, and nothing changes. The software gives up looking after a few minutes, ‘retry’ just results in it timing out again.

It drove me mad last time, and I ended up just admitting defeat, I really would like to get it sorted however :flip:. Anyone have any ideas?

Did the driver/software install ok? If so, try unplugging the printer, removing all related objects in device manager and let windows detect them again. I had minor funnies with my laser and that seemed to tidy things out.

The software won’t install because it doesn’t detect the printer being plugged in. The install program dumps the drivers at the start of it’s installation process, as much as I clean them out it puts them there afresh each time and windows just silently installs the printer. I tried just getting a dump of the drivers and installing the printer, pointing windows to those drivers… It looked like it had gotten rid of the junk in device manager… but sadly 8 hours later, it’s back! I presume it’s some sort of HP driver problem, but it’s annoying! :(.

Not clear what you mean about windows installing drivers in the background?
Is it maybe windoze is attempting to install it’s own drivers, there by creating a conflict?

At your own risk ect. ect…

I’d try typing “devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices” in System properties/Advanced/Enviromental Variables with a value of “1”
Nip across to Hardware/device manager/Printers if it exists, and clear any ghosted items. Then track down to usb printer drivers, and delete it.

Assuming you’ve trolly’d down the latest drivers from HP, do a restart and point yon wizard to the directory where you unpacked the drivers - it’ll ask you to (re) install usb printer drivers first tho’.

The only other thing I can think of is ripping out the windoze ‘built in’ HP drivers and any registry entries before attempting an install. But that’s a bit risky and drastic…

My routine would be to make sure no printer is plugged in
uninstall the printer drivers

Find and locate the windows built in driver file / .cab delete that so
it has nothing to use to make an install which should give a prompt
when you get around to connecting printer to hit the net for files.


Then use the supplied drivers disk.

When it asks you to connect printer… do that but do not
press any button to continue

Minimise the CD drivers installation screen, and as a result of the connecting of the printer you should see the windows prompt in respect of detecting printer and wanting to install driver… cancel that

Then return to your install proggy then say yes to carrying on.

Lord knows where it kept finding drivers from, but I got there in the end. Thanks Paul!
Now another weird problem…
HP Photosmart 7150 (Shared)
Samsung ML1610 (Shared)
Connected to the above 2 remotely

Minutes later, 2 extra printers appear on the server, HP… from Shuttle, and Samsung… from Shuttle. How? Why? Most queer thing i’ve ever seen. It’s also adding printers from Shuttle as default! :confused:

not something i’ve messed with TBH but if the printers are on one machine only I would from the printers and faxes folder … select tools from the menu
then take folder options and select the view tab, in there is a search for network folders and printers automatically option.

deselect that option and see if that does the trick. You might still have to delete the links after doing it but hopefully that will stop the checking.

XP has this weird thing where it shares printer and calls them “auto hpXX on server”, noticed it a few times when coming back from the LAN weekends, all of a sudden having 30odd printers :sigh:


I could understand it picking up shared printers… but printers on another box that aren’t shared… and making them default… weird! I’ve never seen it before, creating a basic infinite loop of printing.

Set it to stop searching for network shares, but they keep coming back… if I look on localhost the printers aren’t shared (being remote printers themselves is sharing even possible?). :confused:

Oh look, it’s back :rolleyes:. Considering the installation actually went perfectly (for once), it’s obviously something up with HPs software/drivers…