Off to Sheffield

Just started another company to specialise in processs design and system pipework. Got the first order last week and off to Sheffield tomorrrow for a kick-off meeting, overnight stay and drive back Wednesday.
2300 man hour fixed price job budget :xfinger: to be completed within the next 14 weeks :xfinger::xfinger: - going to be busy. Wish the business well guys.

good luck,

Good luck Mr B :xfinger:

Thanks guys. Here we go,

wishing you all the luck with this new venture Mr Balrog :wink:

I thought it was Sir Balrog :confused: acht good luck :slight_smile:

all the best m8 hope all goes well :slight_smile:

So this is your latest ploy to get out of decorating, eh?

Seriously - wish you well on this venture and hope that this is the first of many orders.

Welcome to the Capital of The Republic Of Yorkshire

nice to have a visit from tpr members in my home town