Office conversation

2 adjoining offices - directors in 1, me in the other

D Keith, got a minute?

Me Just a sec

(2 minutes pass)

D what are you doing?

Me: just cleaning my balls


D pardon?

Me: cleaning my balls, be with you in a sec, just got to put them back before they roll off the desk


suddenly 3 women standing in the doorway watching me reassembing the mice…


hmmm At your service?

:chuckle: Bet they wondered what they were going to find :eek:

that gag does not work well here at all - I’ve got no balls :chin:


Haha, i remember getting a helpdesk call from a woman in an insurance office, saying that someone had been around and stolen all the balls out of the new mice we had put in, had to fight back the tears of laughter when i was telling her that they were all optical mice!


Yeha got myself a bluetooth mice here…nice…bit expensive but good…

I’ve got no balls

one day that will be the title of a Neal post I’m sure. :smiley:


Just gotta wait for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is all because of this girl Neal!

Neal I found a load of digital originals of said girl, let me know if you’re interested.

There’s non eof her nekkid so I kinda lost interst.