Oh dear

:frowning: bah, came home to find my PC hanging. No chioce but to hit the power button. On restarting d2ol I find approx 1700 missing units.

Are they gone forever or are they merely hiding somewhere and I can force an upload?

*&^%^ computers !

dont knock it… i came home to find 1606 ready to upload… no idea where they went after i hit manual update :frowning: but they sure aint showing on the server :mad:

there seems to be a bit of a intermitent problem with the stats servers at D²Ol end… any units uploaded wil show up eventually just takes a little longer.

@The Dirts: if you are running the client online it will upload any results in the cache on a re-start… if they have uploaded they will show in the stats shortly.

@Gizmo: if results uploaded correctly as above will show shortly.


I hope so… the units i sent back off the lappy are showing already but the 1606 from the main rig were uploaded at 8pm gmt and still havent shown :frowning:

Fingers crossed.

Was working offline. Guess we wait it out.

It’s blimmin’ annoying when that happens. Touch wood, I haven’t had any issues with Rosetta. It just ticks away on its own.

With an issue like that, could you have lost them to a syatem restore after the lockup?

Giz - is this a machine that has already credited your account or a ‘new addition’? If the latter, have you added it to you account in your profile?

@Those that commented, I know your intentions are good, but telling folks that potentially have lost 2-3 weeks of 24/7 crunching that you’ve never had that problem with another project isn’t exactly the most tactful thing to do… :wink:

Thanx folks for the help and offers of advise but i think i may have found my problem.

woke up this morning and did a manual update expecting the results to upload and the tasks to d/load…
…instead, i find the tasks d/loading were being added to my results to upload instead :confused: i’m begining to wonder now if its a graphic bug or some ‘qwerk’ i have been hit by and not lost results.

I also did some math as to average WU per day for the machine and it seems to be roughly the same as the other cruncher of the same power and the results credited to me aint that far off…

has anyone else had this problem b4? :confused:

Sneaky stompage :rolleyes:

What the Swansea stompers are hoping to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I work away from home Monday to Friday, hence the buildup… i just leave the crunchers running and hope the house insurance is upto date in case of fire :lol: