Ok here ye here ye... lol (Please read)

:confused: My wife (SJ) has been keeping an eye on Ivillage regarding the march expecting club now some american woman have been posting and saying all kinds of weird stuff.

One convo thread was about the bags for the hospital…one of them said that she wanted to take straighteners…another make-up and even cowboy boots :s into the hospital with her :o

Your task is to post the funniest or strangiest thing that you/family/friend has wanted to take into hospital when about to give birth. Just for laughs lol

Well as on both occasions of going into labour I didn’t have a bag sorted (first was 4 days early, was going to sort bag later that day, 2nd was 3 weeks early and I was in no way prepared :lol: ) I couldn’t really answer that one.

Unrelated, but I do remember a friend bringing me a helium balloon in with ‘it’s a boy’ on it and she was told to take it away again with her cause it was a fire hazard :rolleyes:

:haha: What a hoot! Now hydrogen, that’s another thing, but I don’t think stores are selling little mini-Hendinburgs.

well it could have bee the ballon and ribbon not the gass they where wooried about [and hot lights]

helen wanted a gun. :smiley:

rofl who was she planning on shooting??? my new catchphrase is see what you did to me… (SJ)

SJ, I think it’s about time you created your own account so we don’t get confused on whether it’s you or mD posting :lol:

Its normally me that postes, if SJ is posting or replying normally SJ after it hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

I either need to point out that helium is inert, or my sark-o-meter is broken…