Ok then, all kiss and make up..

Ok, ive had a few days to think about recent events (and possibly calm down abit), and while i still feel that my original post and then my grievances were somewhat misinterpreted, however, I hope we can all let it float away into the mists of time and be cool once again :slight_smile: :cuddle: :smiley:

Damn good to see you back and posting again mate :smiley:

Thx :smiley:

Welcome back.

No worries.

:withstup: :wave: :thumbsup:

Gasp! Eddy’s in the Space-time continuum!

me puckers up lips for a big kiss, wife wants to know what I’m after :rolleyes:

… no change there then :lol:

WB MC. Knew you wouldn’t be away for long. :thumbsup:

Woohoo the tart has returned !!


Gasp! Eddy’s in the Space-time continuum!

and this is his sofa, is it? :wink: (name the book)

welcome back lad !!!1


Naughty MC, get back in your room;)