one for the "art" lovers?

I think he stole that idea, the bottom half looks like a white cow durring a blizzard.n :lol:

500 euro for a blue square? Think I’ll pass on that.

Of course, we all know that if it was a real pixel that was enlarged, using most display technoligies you would see the three RGB sub pixels… which would be in different patterns. Dot clusters for most CRT, vertical bars for Trinitron and clones, and I just realised I never looked at a TFT really close up before…

/end geek mode.

edit: couldn’t make out the tft by eye, but using magnifier it is similar to Trinitrons in that you have vertical bars of RGB in each sub pixel.

THATS ART??? i should be damn rich by now :smiley:

Did they even teach you what a square was at that excuse of a school you went to?

Isn’t that one of those people that don’t listen to jazz? :smiley: