One for the Sparkys

Since I got this new powervault scsi unit I put in in my loft. The morning after it was installed the RCD tripped on my electric. I tried to switch it back on and it tripped again. After a process of elimination I found it was the powervault. According to my server, the power tripped at 5.30 am.

When I got home from work I plugged the powervault back in. Everything was fine until 5.30 am the next morning when the RCD tripped again.

The unit has run fine for the past 2 days but this morning the power tripped out again at … you guessed it 5.30 am. Tried to reset the trip and it wouldn’t, unplugged the powervault and the trip reset. Its all plugged in and working fine now.

The only thing that happens at 5.30 am is my heating kicks off. There is nothing scheduled at 5.30 to happen on the server or the powervault. Any ideas what it could be. It just seems too much of a coincidence for it to be tripping at the same time :confused:

If the central heating comes on at 5.30 and it trips at 5.30

I would suspect the central heating is inducing noise into
your electric wiring that somehow throws the powervault

something that TBH is not uncommon for central heating due to the
electric pumps and things like fridges causing unwanted noise.

If it was me, I’d try out using a fully filtered mains distribution block to see
see if that fixes it.

I would guess the powervault and the heating have a combined earth leakage sufficient to trip the RCD.

Try turning the heating on manually and see what happens

Thing is, its running fine at all other times. I’ve just switched the heating on, watched the boiler fire up. No faults. Electricity on. :confused:

Tripped out at 23.45pm last night :mad: It’s deffo not heating related. I have a PAT tester at work, I’m gonna slap that on it tonight and see what it says :flip:

If the breaker is anything like the ones here then they trip by temp (40C) as well a load. Check the temp of the breaker, if it is warm to the touch then load on that circuit is to high. If is is a GFI (Ground Fault Interupter) type the there is fault to ground someplace.

Faulty PSU :rolleyes: £115 for a new one :rolleyes:

:frowning: is that the one you mentioned somewhere you got from Ebay ?


Yep :frowning: