One of the longest running debates...

Do you think that abortion (termination of pregnancy) should be made illegal? If so, why? If not, why?

My personal view used to be that a woman should only be allowed to have a termination if she had been made pregnant due to rape/sexual abuse. However, my view on this has changed somewhat and while I don’t believe it should be allowed to be used as a contreception method, I do believe that after considerable counselling (and contraception advice) that it is the choice of the woman. BUT I also feel that there should be a maximum of 2 allowed to a woman, as I feel that any more than that is just being silly about protection.

What are your views?

Illegal? No. Definitely not something to be taken lightly though. If you didn’t want kids at the time, why didn’t you use protection? The thought of having an abortion personally makes me shudder, but then if the person in question it isn’t really bothered… are they really the sort that should be having kids in the first place?

Sometimes protection isn’t 2100% effective, and sometimes it is difficult to tell when it hasn’t worked until it is far too late.

I’m all for abortion, but I think the woman should seek counselling before she goes for it.

Speedo, your last point is one of my opinions too, if more women felt it was ‘ok’ for them to have an abortion then there would be less unwanted children around - hopefully!!!

Rather than making abortion illegal, I think contraception should be compulsory until the person has proven themselves to be a fit human to have children. Accidents happen, but stupidity can be prevented.

Another question, do you think the father hase a right to know that his unborn child is going to be terminated? Because the woman says ‘its MY body’ it can be done without his knowledge.

After my second son was concieved my wife had a rash , the doctors were concerned that it may have been Rubella , her medical notes indicated that she had never had Rubella and had never been vaccinated. considering that this was at the 8 week stage and the results of the tests took 6 weeks to come through (the first was inconclusive) , I would now defend the right of any woman to have an abortion for ANY reason . Those weeks of soul searching , clarified my views for ever , the act of abortion is the very tip of the Iceberg - believe me - the ramifications both ways need very carefull thought - Thank goodness at the last moment we got the all clear and everything was OK , but basically up until then the choices were - bring up a very badly injured child - blind , deaf , in constant pain and probably a very short life , and live with the guilt , shame and resentment . Or abort and just live with the guilt and shame . It is not a choice I would wish on anyone .

Except in rape/sexual abuse cases, yes I do think the father has a right to know unless the woman can prove that she has a valid reason for him not knowing. However, it’s a bit of a grey area as the father can’t demand that she continues with the pregnancy, can he?

Yes I think he should have a right to know, but not have any control over the situation. It is, after all, the womans body.

TBH there are alot emotional things that come into it for a man and a woman but a woman more i think.
in the instance of rape like you say then yes if the woman is too emotionally disturbed by what has happend and they more than likely would be.
but for getting rid of a child purly becuase you dont want it then no.
there are other options like adoption.
but chances are you would end up wanting to keep the child.
but if you dont want the child have it adopted… it is humane and i beleive to be the right thing to do.

i believe in abortion in the case of rape/abuse and in the other case if you found out the child have no quality of life (like if they would just be lying there not be able to do anything for themselves not smile not show any immotion having to live life just living in a imstitution or hospital bed with machines keeping you alive stuff like that)

I agree with hids that there should be a limit on how many times one woman can go for an abortion there can be silly mistakes yes but for that constantly happen then no sorry stop being so stupid and use contraseption there are plenty out there. yes i know non are 100% safe but what do they want hundreds of kids in foster homes and childrens homes knowing that they were not wanted and when they find there roots just to be told yeah i got rid of you coz you were a mistake and i didnt want you sorry that would just mess a kids head up sure there are many kids out there who find loving families but there are a few that at the age of 16 they are out on the street with no one no family or anything.

Making it illegal will just open a big can of worms to all the illegal abortion clinics and ppl getting seriously hurt say you are 15/16 and fall pregnant and its illegal to have abortions they will find some butcher that might do a bad job and thats them say 25/30 and finnally decide its time for them to start a family then find out they cant all because they went illegaly let them go somewhere safe get the job done right and when they are readdy to start a family they can.

father can’t demand that she continues with the pregnancy, can he?

the father has no right to demand that, but conversely the woman should not then be able to use the child as a maintenence ‘meal-ticket’ for the next 18 years.

But back to the original subject, I believe abortion should remain legal. BUT it should be preceded by counselling, followed by counselling, and only used as a last resort. i.e. where the child or mother are at risk, there are serious deformities or life quality-affecting issues, or where conception is a result of unlawful intercourse.

I believe in the right to choice, it’s what makes us human.

Myself and my missus went through this a little while ago while using protection and let me just say that I wouldn’t wish this very hard choice on anyone. Because of it we’re both scared to even do the deed anymore and we’ve been in an adult consenting relationship for near on 4 years.

It’s all about choice and my view is if you can’t afford to raise your child decently or, as with Mortlake, there might be complications then you need to consider certain options seriously.

The difficult part is if you do terminate your pregnancy you’ll have to live with the decision forever. Not easy to deal with, I know.

Neither my wife nor myself ever thought we would have to make such a choice. During our second pregnancy, however, our baby caught a virus which led to defects which would have left him with no quality of life. We were sent home to make the decision as to whether or not to terminate at 33 weeks and it broke our hearts. In some ways we were saved some of the guilt because Jamie died shortly afterwards.

I am all for freedom of choice. But with choice comes responsibility. If the decision is pro-termination then it should have been arrived at after a lot of counselling and be followed by lots of counselling.

Unfortunately for us, there was no professional counselling available at any stage. Despite being mature, sensible adults in a stable situation it nearly destroyed our relationship and certainly destroyed our lives for about a year.

it should be up to the mother to decide if she wants to abort the child. in the case of rape or a mistake made by a teen it should still be their decision. i know people who think that if your under sixteen and pregnant it should be the parents decision if you have an abortion or not.

The age of consent is 16 and is set at that because it has been decided that young people under those ages are not capable of taking the full responsibility for those far-reaching implications. If you are under Sixteen and have a baby then in all probability your parent(s) are going to be forced to take part in providing for that baby - therefore they should have a right to partake in the decision-making process.

I am afraid that I am of the ‘old’ school that says we should be doing all in our power as an ‘enlightened’ society to ensure that those restrictions are enforced. Sex is not the be-all and end-all (although sex as part of a long-term, stable, loving relationship can be fantastic), should not even be contemplated as a ‘spur-of-the-moment’ thing outside of a stable relationship and can have very serious implications (as has been stated above, no form of contraception is 100% certain).

All too often we see the results of drunken one-night stands and when it goes sour the cry of ‘rape’ goes up causing immense devastation to all concerned.

All too often we see young girls seeing a baby as their ticket to a house and benefits.

I believe some of this stems from our ‘Victorian values’ that discourage open, honest, discourse about sex and all the implications thereof. Some of it stems from a State that seems all to ready to reward those who break the law and punish those who abide by it. Some of it stems from that culture of ‘rules are made to be broken’ and some of it from that idiotic idea that ‘it will never happen to me’.

Of course, if a pregnancy comes about through rape/incest etc then without a shadow of doubt the only party with a say should be the woman concerned. And those who are guilty of rape/incest etc should be punished by… (well that would be too graphic for these forums)


being strung up by their willy and then having it cut off.

… by a very blunt knife :wink:

On the subject of women having abortions because they just don’t want the kid, and the fact they could put it up for adoption as another option - what if they are like me and don’t even want to go through pregnancy? In fact I wouldn’t mind a kid, eventually, but I certainly don’t want to go through pregnancy!

I agree with Alta about young girls seeing kids as a route to a nice house and ‘lots’ of money. And to be honest I think abortion should be compulsory for these kind of people. I’m sure I will have annoyed people with this opinion but I’ve lived on a council estate and hate the way these teen mums treat their kids. Its no life for the kids and its no life for their babies either.

On another note, I think if abortion was looked on more favourably, I wouldn’t be here. Now there’s food for thought!!!

Amen to that, I was adopted at 6 weeks old. My biological mother was 16 when I came out:eek:

My adopted parents provided well for me and raised me with good morals and values.

I couldn’t have asked for more.

Which takes me back to what i said.
I do belive if a baby isnt wanted then have the child adopted.
alho if it is instance of rape/sexualabuse then ok emotion comes into it very strongly and a decision should be made but under guidence and support.

well do we have any right to kill a human
I do belive if a baby isnt wanted then have the child adopted.
alho if it is instance of rape/sexualabuse then ok emotion comes into it very strongly and a decision should be made but under guidence and support.

Sorry Alta - the age of consent in this country is 16 and has been for a very long time. Parental permission has no bearing on whether someone is ‘legally’ of an age where they can consent to sexual activity.