Only the Computer Literate need apply....

The missus had great trouble last Friday in submitting online end-of-year accounts via Sage to the Inland (thieving gits) Revenue. Basically, the screen froze for more than an hour, whilst supposedly communicating with IR, and had to be switched off after 5 o’clock. There was a warning message that it could take a long time :rolleyes:

This morning she saw that two emails were waiting for her. One said that the upload was successful - the other advised that it failed. :confused: So she sent a short email asking for confirmation - and expected a short yes or no answer.

What she received back was a lengthy email advising of the benefits of online and email communication with the Revenue. No sign of an answer to the rather simple but nevertheless important question.

And the very first line of this email from the Revenue asked…

“Please advise us of your email address…”

There just isn’t a big enough rolleyes available.

LOL, almost as good as,
To Recieve Drivers for your Modem, please go to www.

Silly People

yer on the phone to ntl…I press the number for…‘my net is broken’

then get told why not visit www.ntl… for help and info…

um wtf ?