Ooh nice......

Just got my main rig back online. The old Barton2500 and K7S8XE died from a PSU surge, the rebuild is a CoreDuo AMD 64 4200+ on a SATA mobo with 2gig RAM - hell of a performance boost!

I lost my First self build pc last christmas (was parts off Makeral and also a case of preecey)

sold them on ebay and built Myself a Core2Duo shockingly got it all done for about £400…

sold that for £550 with a support offer for a year and that was sold about 6months ago

and now im on a Core2Quad beasty witch is fantastic for what I need… been doing a few Wedding DVD’s… (you know the sort where uncle bill videos it and everyone wants a copy) and its nearly almost paid for the pc and the leccy and also the nice keyboard and mouse and monitor that Ive got with it :smiley:


Congrats on getting into dual core land… you going to crunch with it ?


When did Amd & Intel Merge :confused:

I assume a dual core AMD :wink:

2Gb RAM looks nice…I want some :frowning:

sorry to confuse you PMM, CoreDuo / dual core - its got 2 crunchy bits inside, is my terminology simple enough now?

I have 4Gb, yes I just have to go one better. :smiley:

try 8 if you are thinking about upgrading to vista! :spit:

Someone cant count…4 minus 2 is 2 better:p

:newmon: :lol:


Flaming smart arse :smackbum:

he goes to Uni for it

… probably read it on a KFC carton :lol:

[QUOTE=wolram;397850]he goes to Uni for it

… probably read it on a KFC carton :lol:[/QUOTE]

Hey the nearest KFC is to far away to walk to or deliver from.:ghey: