Open University

I’m seriously considering doing an OU degree in Information Technology, but after looking at the cost I’m wondering if anyone else has had any experience of what it’s like? I can’t seem to get into IT no matter how much I know as a) I have no degree and b) I don’t have enough relevant experience. I figure I can change at least one of those tihngs.

So anyone got any experiences/tips for me?

Ask my GF who advises students on these types of things. These are the points she made.

  • OU Degrees are likely to take 6 years to complete
  • IT market isn’t great at the moment. Lot’s of people wanting jobs and not a lot of jobs about.
  • Lots of IT students with no experience are taking up administrative (none IT) jobs and trying to side step into the IT dept. This maybe an option.
  • The market is bound to be crying out for IT students again within the time it takes you to complete the degree. So take heart.
  • Public service IT jobs are easier to come by and will give you the experience if you want to move into the private sector.
  • There are ocassionaly volunteer jobs available - good for getting experience.
  • Try and use the advanced search.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the advice mr Barcode (and your gf :P) :slight_smile:

moose: going to do the same thing myself. I did 2 years of a Computer Science with AI degree at Birmingham Uni, but ***ked up the 2nd year :frowning: , so had to redo it at UCE (crap uni). After the first semester at UCE, i decided that the uni, course, and tuition is crap (hope none of the lecturers read this, if you do then sorry! but you are still crap relative to birmingham!) so I am going to work full time and finish my degree with OU. Hopefully i can carry over my credit from my first year at brum. :frowning: