My setup is dual screen TFT’s 1280x1024, and after sitting with dual MP’s for ages using AGP4x on my Radeon9600pro256M, thinking of moving up a step.

From experience, using dual screens seems to be sharper and generally better behaved with Radeons for the type of work I do, I need very clear 2D, and in my opnion the earlier Radeons were better at that than GF.

Would a Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro 512Mb model fit the bill nicely ? At a snip of £100 this seems to be the one that will fit my needs, or has the GF got better with 2D and price ratios ?

Opinions please. :help:


I Run a 6600 Running Dual 17" 1280x1024 quite happy. and I get all the funky graphics in vista

Matrox make the sharpest 2D cards imo. but definately not for gaming.

For imagework / cad as per Balrog Matrox is the card to have but obviously
poor gaming card.

On the analog side… ATI vs NVidia

I feel ATI has the better colour definition but seems prone to interference

where as Nvidia seems to give a clearer more precise analog output on the same cable.

Not sure why that is though :confused:

Cannot comment on digital / LCD as I feel the LCD’s are not quite upto the abilities of the cards.

I had a crack at UT with the current setup and had task manager on the second monitor, looks like ram is the first thing this rig needs to become what I want it to. For some silly reason the crucial ECC I have won’t play on this board at all :frowning: and it’s the same code as what it recommends on the selector thingy. Maybe I’ll stick to the original plan of a games and a seperate dev rig, even with the drawback of running xp64 and lack of program/driver support :frowning:

:cheers: for the inputs