slipped honest :smiley: well actually it was already dead :stuck_out_tongue: i just helped it on its way to printer heaven

I bet a few of us have flet like that a few times but i bet you had a lot of satifaction doing it :wink:

seems a strange way to change the ink cartridges :lol: :lol:

Looks like an HP printer unless I’m mistaken. Probably deserved it for its habit of cartridge drinkage :smiley:

it was a epson stylus C61, iĺl take a photo of the rest of the fun i had yesterday and post that as well :slight_smile:

Sounds like you had a smashing time yesterday…

SORRY i will hang my head in shame

/me goes back to my corner now :frowning:

this is the terror thats left :smiley:
that was 2 486ś, a lazer printer, 3 CD-Roms, the inkjet you saw, and some other random stuff, all broken though i would never break anything working that could be stuck to good use :slight_smile:
(i saved the 286ś board and power supply for historical purposes :smiley: gota love them old comps :smiley:
oh and some propatairy ATX cases that needed ¨fancy¨ parts

Thats a lorra stuff bet your room seems empty now just need to start collecting more to fill that space up :wink:

that was just the first load :smiley: all my junk is getting to me so some (not all :D) has to go

I would have killed andy if he had that amount lying about here he is ruduced to two boxes and i threw out the rest and even they boxes does my nut in :smiley:

andy can have some of my junk then but pickup only :stuck_out_tongue: that was just some of the garage my room is pretty bad as well :eek: from the door there is 7 comps in plain site only 3 connected though and 2 arnt mine i am fixing them but still quite impressive for the room size (you would only just if lucky fit 3 normal size beds in)

NOOOOOOOOO he aint allowed
2 boxes and thats it no more he can have less than that but deffo no more

Anyhoo if anyone out of the two of us that needs a break away its meeeeeeee and a nice trip to New Zealand would go very nicely but i suppose ive got no hope in getting that far so next mojos it will have to be :smiley:

thats what my mum and dad said to me… that was 5years ago :D… one day i hope to make it to a mojoś so i can say hi to you all… iĺl have to plan it for my big trip after uni…

Yeah it would be nice to meet ya and ive heard its a good laugh this will be the first full one i have went to i did turn up to one for a few hours and with what andy has told me its good fun and a good laugh.

you getting rid of plank from ED,EDD,and EDDY :(… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

actually he is already gone proberly crushed to pulp by now :smiley:

evil voice your to late /evil voice