Optmized Clients

Anyone got any sites bar this one?


These are for windows I believe…anyone seen any others? These are SETI and core client ones…

for linux look here


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/edit - that’s the new A64 3000 laptop running the optimised :smiley:

Was looking at these again to use the optimized BOINC core client…

I got this from CPU-Z and from looks it doesn’t matter what CC I use…

I have mmx, sse and sse2

this has got to be good for the science :smiley:

standard client was taking in roughly 9,880 per unit and claiming and getting around 20-23 credits. Bearing in mind the credit system of taking the average, this can only be good :lol:

First Completed Unit
5,696.42secs 15.38claimed credit


Using this guide here:http://www.boincsynergy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2307

I conclude that the instructions I need are the SSE2

SSE2 was what I got for my A64 and the units are flying in :smiley:


Will it help any of the other projects?

there are optimised “cores” for other projects about I think, but you’ll need to go hunting.

For Windows boxes, get those optimised cores, if you ever needed motivation, take a look through these results and look for the switch from standard to optimised and compare claimed credit to received credit :smiley:

I do feel for those in my results who have got significantly lower results, but looking at my pc’s it would seem that a win98 box always gets lower credit than claimed.


/edit 13:15 :slight_smile: that’s all three rigs of mine that are running Windows Boinc Seti on the optimised client :smiley:

The CC is just a “handler”. It doesn’t control the crunching itself so it would make sense that you shouldn’t see a difference in processing times with an optimized CC.

Of course, I could be wrong here. :smiley:

Now, on machines that are running multiple projects, leaving the project in memory when switching can have a large effect especially over time.

I think I’ve read that the optimized client does get different benchmark results, which in turn changes the estimate of how much your box can handle. This may be a good thing if you run only optimized crunch code (grab more work), but if you mix projects I’d expect it to overestimate some on the official crunch ones (maybe grab too much?).

That’s something well worth looking into. If I get a chance, I’ll do some testing this weekend.

Im running the optimized seti client and the original rosetta. About once a day I get an overcommited message but it seems that it quickly straightens itself out and returns to normal cycles.

I run both the optimized BOINC Core and the Seti Client for the SSE instructions on my Athlon XP. Crunching time for me dropped from 4-6 hours under the standard Seti to 2 1/2- 3 hours with an optimized Seti client. The optimized core doesn’t seem to affect any of the other projects I run though, either than the bench marks which at least get the client over committed warning, but after one w/u finishes and uploads, everything clears back up. If it’s about the science and not the credits like stated above, optimized is the way to go. Another small benefit I have seen is when crunching Seti under the optimized client my core cpu temp drops 5 degrees F, at around 125 to 127 compared to the other projects run up around 131 to 134F. Don’t know what those translate out to in C but thought it would be worth mentioning.

Well, you guys talked me into trying an optimized (SETI) client on my one computer. I didn’t think that it would make that much difference.

The computer: 3GHz P4 hyperthreading with 1GB of RAM.

Before optimization: each thread (of the 2 threads) could finish a result in about 3.5 hours (plus or minus 10 minutes).

After optimization: (It’s been running for about 20 hours.) Most results are finishing in just under 2 hours. A couple finished in 1.5 hours.

That gives me a yield of 1 wu per hour! I never thought that I would see this drastic difference. :eek:

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there also new clients for Version 4.72


Windows and Linux

Sir Ulli