Out of here!

Thought that would get your interest.

Headed to Michigan in the morning for a week to go to Mom’s 80th birthday party shinding. Sister and I are throwing it (well she did all the work) :wink: I just was a 50% finance partner. No computers for a whole week! OMFG!

Farm will be down while I am gone, Mr Nightlordy Time to take advantage of me! :devil:

Hmm… take advantage of moajc
Is he going too!:smiley:
Well he left himself open for it…

blooming Tart :stuck_out_tongue: have a gud time :slight_smile:

Enjoy it Major, better take a PDA or sommat with you. Don’t want you getting withdrawals from lack of internet access.

have a great week tartius maximus :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to your mum from TPR as well don’t forget :smiley:


Hope you have a great week Major and happy birthday to your Mom :thumbsup:

Have a great time major and wish your mum a very happy birthday from us all here

Helen and the clan xx

Have a great time Major and best wishes to yer Mom too!!

Me take advantage? :rolleyes:

oh ok then, if you insist :wink:

Ladies and Gentlemen. Just for the record, I’d like to thank [b]The Major[/b] for this opportunity. Looking back over the last few months, it’s been hard work and long hours but ultimately a rewarding and enjoyable pursuit. I have learnt much during the race and I owe much of it to him. This honourable, if rather wrinkly old cruncher from Pheonix has been my inspiration, my driving force and my mentor. :cry:

[Takes time to regain composure]…I feel like this is like a rite of passage: the past master giving way to the new kid on the block.

Perhaps he finally he realised what he was up against :rolleyes:

that should well and truly stoke the fires for when he gets back…popcorn anyone?

Hava a great time Major :slight_smile:

Your Arse is mine yah Tart! :eek: You rate right up there with Bilko. Assume the position upon my return Sir! :wink: :smackbum:


:haha: :haha: :haha: ROTFLMAO!

Enjoy your break m8! :wave: