Outline/style question in MS Word XP

So, what I would like to do is simple, or so I thought. I just want to make a list of directions, each with a bulleted list of items to do. I want the main level to be numerals, far-left justified. I want the bulleted items to start on the same line as the numeral.

Naturally, I can’t get this post to format correctly either. So, imagine that the “o” is a bullet, that the line “Do this” is actually on the same line as “1.”, that the bulleted list is single-space line spacing, and that word wrap occurs such that the line “Then do this, and this…” has the same indentation (two more spaces to the right would make it look correct in this post).

1.o Do this
o Then do this, and this and this. This step takes more than one line as a matter of fact, and to look clean, the extra lines should indent to the same place the first one started, rather than beneath the bullets.
o Third thing.

2.o First thing to do in this step.

So essentially, I need the 1st outline level to be a numbered list. The number in Lucida Sans Bold 12pt, with a period and two spaces following the numeral. The 2nd level needs to be bullets with one space after, starting on the same line as the numeral. No text will ever sit beside the numerals without being part of the bulleted list. I want minimal spacing – 2 after the numeral, one after the bullet.

So, my two problems are: How can I get the bullets to start on the same line as the numeral? And secondly, how can I line up the indents correctly, such that all of the bulleted text is at the same indent level, even multiple lines of it?

And for extra credit, is there a way of accomplishing this that’s easier than using Shift-Enter after every bulleted point? Personally I’d rather that I could use Shift-Enter for a new 1st-level numeral, and regular enter between bullet items.

Thanks so much in advance!

I cant get the bullets on the same line as the numerals.

as for the extra starting under the bits already indented, mine already sits like that :confused: No idea if there’s an option somewhere to do it but it’s already sitting nicely under it. You might have to play with the sliders on the rule at the top.

So, does anyone know how to get the bullet on the same line as the numerals…? Surely it can be done…

I would use tables to do what you want, first column you can use for your numbers, second column use your bullets in standard format, just don’t show the gridlines on the table.


I’m with DT. Tables are the better way to do it.