Own up


Who did it?:stuck_out_tongue:

Not me… however <cough> I do have to admit to amending certain
seti related bits in the past to include TPR <cough> :smiley:

ooh who every it is can you update it with, ie: which ones, what the current rank is, how many members, that kind of thing preferably a administarator:Orbit: :rotate:

thats quite cool :smiley:

Signed upto wikipedia and I’ll aim to have a bash at doing some more to it as soon as I figure out the site and have some time…

My keen FBI senses say Dammo :wink:

:lol: you did the IP search as well then Mulda :chuckle:


Was it that obvious :lol:


well, I did it a long time ago, it’s been messed with since then so you can’t blame me for the words…

I added the link because you forgot to :wink: