Does anyone know how I can prevent anyone using my windows network from using p2p? No probs with the family (do it or Grrrr!) , but I have a nephew who’s lappy I sort out now and again, who I notice has limewire on it. I’m happy for him to access t’interent through my lynksys 200g - just not that - or any other p2p.

Ports I can block in the router maybe?

Or do I have to go through the routine of allowing/disallowing access?

I’d like to update his vista and virus checker, spybot S&D ect - bit wary at the mo’ And man, does his sytem need a cleanup. Knows bog all about computers, He runs Vista Basic.

I’m an XP Person myself.


I think protocol blocking (not port blocking) at the router is the best way, but not all routers support it…

Limewire uses port 6346 just block that should slow him down.

I think you can with that model… here some instructions for a different model but if I remember right the firmwire does not really differ that much based on the PDF i’ve just read so see if any of the below makes sense…

Select “Access Restrictions”
Set the Status to “Enable” (radio button)
Enter a Policy Name (ie Limewire)
Select “Edit List of PCs”. You can choose wich PCs (by IP, range of IP or MAC address) you want to control
Select “Deny” Internet access during selected days and hours.
Set the “Days” & “Times”

Select “Add/Edit Service”
You are now going to create a new service
Under “Service Name”, enter “Limewire”
For Protocol, choose “TCP & UDP”
Enter “6347” (twice) for the “Port Range”
Select “Add” to add the new service.
Once added to the list at right, press “Apply”, then “Close”

In the “Blocked Services” area, select “Limeware”

Under “Website blocking by URL address”, enter the limeware URL…> www.limewire.com

Save settings

Cheers guys - I’ll check that out in a few hours. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: