Pahhhhh Risk Assesments

Do I really need to Train people on how to use tippex :flip: PC gone mad :rolleyes:


indeed tipex can be a dangerious weapon in the wrong hands
when your in the office as you are… playing golf with various office
objects when the boss is out, one has to be aware of the dangers
a poor shot could have when hitting Tipex accross the room.

An Incorrectly placed shot hitting the edge of the bosses office door
ripping the cap off and spraying the bosses office with tipex is not
something everyone would like to happen.

One has then a need to know what to do if such an occasion occures
*how to get the tipex out the carpet
*how to clean/replace the objects splattered with tipex
*how to mis-lay that month-end financial report summary
*who to blame if the above can’t be achieved.

etc etc

On a serious note…
your don’t really want to swallow the stuff or allow young kids near it
so its dangers need highlighting and if your a company is supplying on, you
don’t want it in your product going to customers blah blah blah

also you don’t want your staff allowing wet tipex to come in-contact with
the fax machine or the photo copier!!! has a tendance to make them not
very effective at there job.

Internal Memo

To: Heads of Department
CC: Human Resources Co-ordinator, Finance Director

Re: Tippex spillage issue 26/08/04

With regard to the company policy regarding Health & Safety & Risk Management, I need to bring your attaention to the following consequences of this recent chemical spillage.

  1. The loss of a single bottle of Tippex Correction Fluid 50p
  2. The cost of the clean up utilising one trained cleansing technician @ £7.50/hr, £1.80 (excluding cleaning materials - included in maintenance contract)
  3. The cost of a visit by the Health & Safety Officer to determine cause of said spillage and for proposing future measures to prevent this type of accident happening, £35.00
  4. The cost of special fire-proof chemical storage cupboard to store volatile chemicals in £500
  5. Legal charges regarding disciplinary action taken by the Human Resources Department to cover legal costs against perpetrator of chemical spillage (i.e. one bottle of Tippex) £5000

As you can see the costs to the business for this type of accident are astronomical and the Risk Assessment team require that no-one ever makes a mistake again, that requires the use of correction fluid, except off the premises and in your own time only

Head Honcho :smiley:

Christ, you should try working where i do.

Take 1 highly rated petro-chemical firm. Add in about 5 gezillion HSE rules. What do you get…

I have to have a risk assesment written for every single type of activity we carry out. From lifting a pc to installing a rack. We use a system whereby if someone sees you doing something they think might be a safety risk, they have to report you!

Here’s 2 examples of the problems i faced recently (or rather, the problems my team had to face and i had to solve!)

  1. Installing a server into a cabinet. Simple you might think. Oh no!!! Firstly, it has been decided by the powers that be, that if any item weighs over 50kg, it must be lifted by 4+ people. So, to install a compaq server that weighs 67kg, i need 4 people. Not too bad you might think??? Well, the server room is considered a confined space, due to the fact it only has so many metres clearance to the walls. Still not a problem? Well, you are only allowed 2 people into a confined space. Errrr, ok, so how do i install a 67kg server into a rack which needs 4 people to lift it when i can only have 2 people in there at a time!!! Onto the next 1/2 of this problem. Want to install anything into the top half of a rack?? Well, you need a step ladder, none of that lifting things over shoulder height! So, i need 4 people to lift a 67kg object into the top of the rack, i also then need 4 extra people to hold the step ladders (part of the HSSE, all ladders must be footed by at least 1 person!) which amounts to 8 people into a confined space which i am only allowed to have 2 people into!!!

FFS!!! Ended up having to strip the server completely so it was only the shell, installing that, then adding each little piece until i had it built (well, taking the piss off course!!), so a 15 minute job turned into nearly a weeks work!!!

  1. Taking a monitor up a flight of stairs! You are not allowed to carry anything over 10kg unless you hold it with 2 hands. You are not allowed to walk up a flight of stairs unless one hand is holding the railing. therefore, if you want to carry a monitor upstairs, it now takes 2 people!!!

I also have to have a risk assesment carried out on lifting anything over 2kg’s!!!

Ah well, i suppose it keeps people off the dole queues!!!

you mean your allowed tipex? it the RAF it’s banned, COSHH says it’s dangerous, so we can’t have it, we have to have the stuff thats like on a tape type thingy…

banned in our place because COSHH

so many other things inc… IOSH/HASCP/HACCP barmy

LMAO, we have allsorts in our office.

The “milk” fridge currently has two Guiness, and 8carlsberg left in my memory is correct :slight_smile:

The acetone for general cleaning, omg, the safety at work people would have a field day, and thats not counting the network cables under desks not pinned and the excessive power cables under one particular desk leading to a rather strange little breed of PC’s some would call a farm :lol:


:lol: Sweet!!

It aint really funny, its one of the main things that allows small businesses to grow and take work off the big boys. You know an organisation has gone past the point of reality when it starts outsourcing.

Keep on trucking - the personnel, safety, risk assessment crew says I :smiley: