Party time - get out the beers !!

Cracked it, there goes the 10 million docking points for me :trophy:

Time to sell on the dedicated crunchers now though, I think the six machines are probably replaced with one as cause for celebration and not just an ordinary โ€˜oneโ€™ either :devil:

Iโ€™ve enjoyed Docking, but 10 million was my marker, a few machines will remain but time to have a little break and assist another project for a bit :slight_smile:

20million combined boinc is the next target :smiley:

Beer time :cheers:


Congrats DT , how about 5 million F@H for another milestone, itโ€™ll keep you in the top 10. TheDirts is closing fast. :deal: Put step2000 and The Saint in the firing line instead.

you almost read my mind, once my GFX is back from RMA, Folding will restart :slight_smile:


:trophy: Congrats DT !! :trophy:

Conger rats DT!!! :tiphat:

20 million combined will be my swan song as well, its enough. Congrats on the 10 mill DT :slight_smile:

Well done :slight_smile: Good going :smiley:

Nice job:tiphat:



Nice work DT :slight_smile:

Very nice Milestone!
Wish you all the best for the next 10 Millions.

Good Job now get the Folding going will you!