Passed my theory test

On my first attempt which im very pleased about. 35/35 for the multiple choice section and 64/75 on the hazard perception. Should be booking my driving test within a month now hopefully.

About damn time you slacker! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow congrats.
Better than mine. I got about 30 and 45…

Well done Scott :clap:

Good luck for your practical :thumbsup:

Well done Scott!! :thumbsup:

well done matey, i got 32 and 59 lol so you win, now with regard to your practical book it online and check daily for cancellations you can bring it forward to 4 days away like i did lol

Congrats Scott :thumbsup:

I guess I’m one of the lucky ( … read older) guys that didn’t have to go through all that theory stuff. We just had a few lessons and then the test :slight_smile:

I find that once you’re married there’s no need for the hazzard perception stuff anyway - she just sits in the passenger seat and does it for you

watch that bike, look out for that bus, there’s a van waiting to get out, that car is indicating, they’re trying to cross the road, watch that taxi, those lights (2 miles away) are on red, look out for that … blah blah :smiley:

rofl wolram. thanks kyle i’ll do that and cheers everyone