Patch Tuesday cometh...

[i]M$ warns of a Patch Tuesday from hell…[/i]

M$ to deliver no fewer than 13 security bulletins on October’s Patch Tuesday.

This bumper security update will include eight critical issues, and five that are classed as important. Windows 7 RTM also makes an appearance in the Patch Tuesday line-up for the first time.

The 13 bulletins address a total of 34 vulnerabilities, mostly related to remote code execution. There are also fixes to counter denial-of-service attacks, elevation of privileges and spoofing

OH I do love patch Tuesday:)
Then the next weeks patches for the patches. Well you do have to appreciate their diligence in trying to keep on top of things.
I wonder if the guys and gals at MS look at the hackers as a nuisance or job security.:smiley:


Having to the head fo the department that manages the vunerabilities, there’s nothing more he would like than for it to go all quiet !! The landscape has changed, 10 years ago a ‘finder’ would post the vunerability all over the web allowing the script kiddies to attempt to exploit it. Now, if someone does that then the blog/page gets comments accusing the ‘finder’ of being irresponsible by postingthe vunerability without sending to MS first.

MS does have the most “unresolved” vunerabilites in OS terms, but there are actually a lot more package patches for linux machines, but the stats on this in my view are skewed, as a linux ‘patch’ is referenced as anything delivered by YUM APT etc, which can be an APP patch and not an OS patch.