pc3200 ram on barton 2500 chip board

(ok i dont know what socket etc it is)

it has 3 slots for ram, but when i have filled all 3 with 512s in the past, it only registers 1 gig - faulty ram or is it likely to need matched pairs (if so why only 3 slots?)

i currently have 2x512 onboard, but need more ram. in light of the above do you reckon an extra 1gig dimm would work, or do i need 2x1gig and ditch the 2x512?


Quite a few boards would only do 2xpairs not plus one. Argument was paired memory, bank switching, who needs more?

In practice it made next to naff all difference.

Personally in your situation I would peruse the manufacturer archives and fit 2x1G supported RAM.

Agree with Mojos comments :nod: I have a board with 4 slots, but using 3 x 512 sticks only shows as 1 gig, no matter how I configure it :sigh:

A matched pair of 1 gig sticks now gives me a nice 2 gig to use :tiphat:

… incidentally, I read up on a forum that adding another matched pair might not achieve anything - wierd board or what :shrug: so I haven’t bothered :rolleyes:

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All depends on the support

Be surprised how many boards differ… I’d certainly track down the manufactures online manual for the board in question.

Equally if you have you ram speed in sync that might disable 3 dimm support in favour of dual channel mode so you want async basically not linked to bus speed so not one of the main 100/133/166/200 1:1 whichever falls in line with the chip being used.

Also single sided and double sided dimms can play into the equation and you could have the senerio of it not supporting 3 x doublesided dimms.

End of day Manual should say what support their is… but I’d hather a guess no issue with 2 x 1gb modules.