Ok so i have a new mobo which has quite good OC facilities, i have gotten this pIII 933 chip to 1090 Mhz, which i think is quite a good clock, i want to work out in terms of percentiles how much of an Oc it is, but i cant quite remember how to do it, so does anyone know?

btw, i have 512mb of kingston ram which is only rated to run at CAS 3 @ 133 MHZ by the SPD, but its currently doing CAS 2 @ 155 (*7), which i think is pretty slick :cool:

1090/933 = 1.168274383

which means you have got about 16.8% overclock.

God I thought schooling was bad in my years there :chuckle:

Ok 933 = 100%

100 / 933 = 0.10718 blah blah blah

0.10718 * 1090 = 116.8262 gain

minus the 100 for ease and the ickle little bits = 16.8%

ahh i knew it was somthing like that, cheers folks :slight_smile:

anything over 15% is not bad eh


xp1700 default frequency 133 x 11 =1466 MHz
xp1700 overclocked stats 200 x11 = 2100 Mhz

43% overclock - now that’s a sweet chip :lol: :smiley:

Nice one MC - overclocking is maybe not the dead art after all, although with most barton2500’s going straight from 166x11 to 200x11 without doing any volt changes or change of cooler… that’s a 20% overclock before any major playing :smiley:

Damn that makes my xp1700 look sweet :smiley:


I’ve got a couple of those great low voltage XP1700s as well
Summer 11.5 x 197 (cheap cooling and hot roof void )
Winter 11.5 x 200 = 2300 = 59% o/c
I’d love to paint them as MP chips , up the multiplier/vcore and put them into a suitable dualie mobo