Philips 20 inch widescreen died

I looked away, I looked back. The screen was blank. Green power LED still showing. Maybe screensaver kicked in? But I don’t use them. Toggle power, nope. Reboot PC, nope. Conclusion, backlight gone. It doesn’t display anything at all, no splash screen, no little box when there’s no signal. Tried on other PC just to be sure, same.

Got it from dabs just over a year ago. No indication of warranty period on their web page. Online returns system refuses it. The model doesn’t exist on Philips web page. Argh!

Will try calling Philips tomorrow, online e-mail sent to dabs asking what warranty is. Other online stores appear to list that model (200w6cs) as 3 year warranty.

dabs seem to have gone downhill since they got took over by BT as much as ebuyer has improved in that time.

Dabs gave a generic reply stating they don’t give pre-sales advice. Did the brainless behind it even read my message? :furious:

Still waiting to hear back from Philips.

Nothing much came up on a quick google, except some DIY fixes to replacing the backlight I might have to resort to. Or I might try a DIY projector build. Of course this does depend on it being the backlight having gone.

I’ve spent thousands with dabs in the past but they’re really lost the plot now.

bummer :frowning:

that’s simply appalling service though from Dabs :nono:


Result from Philips, so credit to them. They confirmed warranty is 3 years, offered some troubleshooting ideas, and a contact number should it still not work :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: :woot:


Sounds good. Fingers crossed then.

Calling the London number for Philips, I must have been transferred to Holland as I didn’t get a word they said until they figured I spoke English :smiley: After a nice chat they’re going to swap out the monitor on site within working 3 days.

Dabs later replied saying the warranty has ran out.

last time I buy from dabs :nono:

Geez, that’s dark ages style after sales support.

I would write a formal letter to Dabs’ senior management and complain about their inability to satisfy the customer.

Replacement monitor arrived :slight_smile: Not checked it yet, but obviously not new so a refurbished I guess.

Dabs were bought out by a company I have little respect for. As far as I’m concerned they don’t exist any more so I’m not going to waste any more time on them.

Edit: unpacked monitor and connected up to a PC. A few dead pixels to one side whereas my original was perfect. But close enough.