Phoenix Rising a #1 Team!

:trophy:Awesome crunching guys!:trophy:
:DThe Dockers have given Phoenix Rising a Number One spot in a project!:smiley:
We are Number One in RAC in Docking@home

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We are just 11 away

Yeeehaaarrrrrr!!! Well done everyone. Also just 23K away from Team Anandtech too! :cool:

Spank my ass and call me Judy, that feels good.

sniff I can’t take all the credit though, I’d like to thank Vortex sob for getting me interested in the project, placidsheep wail for leading the way sniffle and all the other TPR members heart-rending racking sobs for believing in this project, the Management, the Big Red Button, Doris the Wookie…

/carried off by medical team

Honey… do you have sleep deprivation!

No sweetness I work night shifts, I finished at 6am UK time

… What do you work as if you want ur ass spanked and called Judy… especially when ur work finishes when the sun comes up… I can only think of 1 job… but didn’t think you worked in Soho :smiley:

AnanabananaTech - 2k - crunch on - nuff said

…and they’re down. TPR are now 11th in total credit. :smiley: Well done everyone. :trophy: Next stop team USA…

:trophy:Congratulations Team!:trophy:
Next stop is just a little further walk… but destiny say it will be ours!
Top Ten here we come!

I pray to the gods of the suupaaaah compuuuutaaah to give me strengh to help the already rissen Phoenix stay perched smack bang at the top!

Watch out top 10 teams!!!


Thats one hell of a pic, I like…

^ Have to agree, someone definately has an artistic bent. Hi-de-hi’s is pretty good also.

Indeed, it is most cool :nod:



Are you the artist? It is way cool!

Nope not the artist - found it on google!

Stunning though!


I remember that picture! I used it on the ogame tpr team. pretty cool :slight_smile: