PHP MySQL help please

Looking at setting up an easy to use mysql database front endusing php (unless anyone has a better/easier idea).
I’ve got apache/php/mysql setup and running on my server and a data base of customers and what i want to do is be able to seach the database using keywords and by selecting a specific table or all tables and then generating a report from this.
The report will be used as a mailing list in the end if that makes any difference.
Anyone know of any good online tutorial/help sites for this?


good places to start, I dabbled using a book called “php essentials” that is on the website which you can also get the code from the books as well.



Cheers DT…looking now

Devshed is a definate, plenty of good guides and the forums are always a great help. I learnt mainly form sams learn apache, mysql and php in 24 hour books, nice and easy learning with plenty of detailed examples.

cough, affiliate link :wink: just in case :smiley:


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I’ve got just the app for you :slight_smile: A couple of hours testing and the approval of the others in the company and I’ll send you the link as a “beta tester” :chuckle:


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