Picture exclusive..

Mr Pr3scott :wink:


Wayhay i’ve pulled a cracker here :wink:


No Mr Pr3scott you don’t look fat in that.

ps. spot the special squad chap :wink:

very nice Paul, suprised no one has took a swing at him in this election, and is there any cheese left in your factory :wink: :slight_smile:


Rather amusing actually :wink: seems the special branch had been around the perimeter all day
and I do believe that we had a small crowd of protesters as well.

But what made me laugh is when somebody mentioned that dispite all the police making sure of his safety they let Mr P into our opening room… :chuckle: yep a room where numerious iraqis are working de-boxing cheese with stanley knives :chuckle:

Rather strange … I thought we had them all at our factories :lol:

Tis essential part of the clubbing scene in Stoke :wink: that and hi-vis jackets :chuckle: