Pimp ME !!

Ok so I got my new pc today 1.80GHZ Which is major for me :slight_smile: anyway I want to run Boinc but I need to be pimped :slight_smile:

:Pimp: Concider yourself pimped, climate prediction is a good project;)

:nod: Seconded.

Wondered how many milliseconds it would take Neal to come along. :smiley:

We are being challenged to a bit of a race in SETI BOINC, could do with any spare cycles there too :slight_smile:

How about Einstein@home. Join near the start of a new project promising exciting hard science results, analysing data from gravity wave detectors.

Or Predictor.
Thats just like Folding :razz:

Or Folding. That’s almost exactly like Folding!

Waving is like folding but you don’t overdo it. Come on, binlala - try to catch the perfect wave with Einstein!