Pinky seems to have been listed at last ;)b

6213 Flying Fakirs

Chevrolet G20

GMD 21,000

£413 :thumbsup:


I had stopped looking as it never seemed to appear :frowning:

No recompense to TFW for the £ and hours he put into it, but at least £400 delivered to the masses :slight_smile:

Its a good price, but i think whoever priced up the delivery didn’t factor in a few of the costs :lol:

From talking to TFW the other night, as it only had one gear left in the gearbox, it’s a pretty amaxing price !!!


Erm, well it’s questionable whether it even had one… my personal theory is that the box got so hot two gear cogs welded themselves together, giving the impression that a gear is working :wink:

To put the figure into perspective, 75% of working Gambians are farmers earning 3000 - 5000 Dalasi per year.

Somebody paid four years salary to buy Pinky.