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Well… i’m a bit thick when it comes to PCs. I try, but usually fail. Hope i’m placing this in the right area. I’ve just bought a GeForce fx 5200 PCI graphics card, for my not so great Dell. I installed it correctly into the PC but when I restarted my computer the first time nothing appeared on my desktop, the task bar was there but no desktop icons. The next time I rebooted, it did boot up normally, but it didn’t say anything about detecting new hardware and when I inserted the Disc provided for the driver installation, which came with the product, it said it wasn’t compatible. Downloaded one from the nvidia website, but then when I restarted, the monitor wouldn’t come on. Took the card out of the PC and got rid of the downloaded driver file… thing. But i’m back to sqare one and pretty desparate. The computer runs games from an integrated Intel graphics thing, but that’s inbuilt, I can’t remove it can I? Can anyone help, perhaps provide me with a little step by step guide. Or maybe someones had the same problem. HELP!!!

when you boot the PC, enter the bios by (normally) pressing delete. Then find “Integrated Peripherals” (once again normally the heading) and set the option “GFX Order” to PCI first, also see if you can disable what I presume is the onboard graphics.

Simple test, boot the machine with the monitor plugged into the “normal” socket even though your new one is plugged in. The setup you describe at first sounds like it could be running the system as dual screen setup.

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