Please point and laugh at me!

Well i did something completly stupid last night, after a bitching day at work i decide to fill my car up with some fuel, only when i got to £23 on the counter i realise that i had put in Petrol :mad: My 405 GLDT doesn’t really like petrol being a diesel :mad:
So now the car is at agarge, with them quoting me a large sum of money to get rid of the fuel, i mean £130 does seem a little high, was told that it is because i have an injection car and they need to completly clear it from there.

how much do you people think it should cost to get rid of the fuel?

that and PLEASE tell me one of you lot has done it before:P

I’ve never done it but I know 2 poeple that have. 1 put diesel in their petrol car and luckily it wasn’t fuel injected. All they did was drain the tank and put in petrol then turn it over until it started.

Other was a woman I know who put petrol in her Golf TDI, not that was a bit more expensive to repair.

Could have been far more costly had the engine being run before noticing the

I’ve know people paying alot for that type of mistake but having ran the engine.

**If the engine was never turned on after putting the petrol in… its just a drain
job and not a job of flushing the lines & injectors.

you see the engin was turned over by the AA guy ( :mad: ) and still i haven’t got a call from the garage.
So now im driving - Big thanks to my sister- a lovely 4 speed 4star white battered nova, im just glad the fluffy cow print seat covers are in the wash :open_mouth:

lol, cant do that, tis my sisters car!
well i got out of the petrol station, with what diesel was still in the engin to a side road where i called him, he towed me to the garage and for him to park it he kep t on turning over the enging so it rolled into place.

just got off the phone to the garage, £120, they didn’t have to drop the tank and should be done by the end of the day today - now i have to go fill it up with some diesel, so after thinking about putting £20 in my tank last night its cost me £160 intotal ! :mad:

That cost is about right for your model and as the guys said, it’s a good job you didn’t drive it. In the worst case it can knacker the main fuel pump as well as potential damage to injectors. That aint cheap to fix. :eek:

i know its hard to look on the bright side, but…

£160 is alot better than having to replace large chunks of the engine :wink:

all the best mate