Portal is FREE!

So, not only is one of the most innovative, and fun games I’ve ever played now released FREE OF CHARGE… but you may be wondering why I’m posting it in the *nix forum.

Steam is now available on the Mac - and reportedly (people digging through the code) it’s almost ready to ship on Linux! There’s a pre-release client already available!

The source engine will run natively under linux, meaning all games built on said engine will also run natively :thumbsup:


Viva la revolution!

EXCELLENT!!! WOOHOO!! Nice find Spaceboy. Donwloading it now. :smiley: I’ve played the demo already and was well impressed, so the full game should be awesome! Cheers m8! :thumbsup:

Not exactly free, free to play until the 24th :slight_smile:

The web site doesn’t sound like a time limited trial, but saying if you get it while the offer is on, it is yours to keep.

Ahh, sorry, the bit about the 24th states it is free to ‘buy’ until the 24th :slight_smile:

Still playing it. Up to level 15 and it’s getting tough :smiley:

Been a while since I played it so can’t remember the level numbers, but there is a level at which the ‘announcer’ says the test is over - I know a few people who ‘couldn’t see the way out’ and thought it was the end of the game …

… it’s only just beginning :smiley:

and it gets bloody trickier :lol:

took me about 90 mins to complete the game, and it’s very very good :slight_smile:

Some of the puzzles are tricky to pick up at first, but I’ve got up to level 18 now. Just can’t figure how to trigger the red button. Sure it’s got something to do with the water bottle in the back room… :chin:

Just finished in less than 5 hours total game play. Got to say really enjoyed it, even sat through the credits and the song at then end :smiley:

The song is the best part, I have it as an MP3 if anyone want a copy

Aye very cool indeed - still set as my ringtone from the 1st time around :thumbsup:

I believe they’re working on portal 2 which I’m looking forward to.

But not as much as HL2:Ep3! Come on Valve! Get your act together!!

Aye Portal2 is due soon, hence the giveaway of portal, clever marketing types :wink: